5 Steps to Creating Great PowerPoint Presentations

All compelling and engaging presentations start with a plan that includes the following:

1. A clear objective
2. An understanding of who the audience is
3. A great opening
4. A compelling story and structure
5. A strong close

Our 5 Step PowerPoint Presentation Planning Tool will help you work through each of these 5 steps to create a strong framework on which you can efficiently build your presentation.

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Website Planning Guide and Checklist

A website is critical for every business.

Every business needs a well-designed website that does 2 very important jobs:

1. Service the needs of your existing customers
2. Be engaging enough to draw new customers into your sales funnel to do business with you.

That sounds easy but let’s review some of the most common challenges you might be facing:

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Social Media Marketing – An easy to use Planning Tool

Simplify your Social Media Marketing with our easy to use planning tool.

Today we want to share with you the planning tool that we use for all our Social Media marketing. It’s a great resource and is designed to help you efficiently use your content use across multiple social platforms.

Let’s walk through this together so you can see how the tool works

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7 Steps to Cleaning Up Your Sales Process

Want a high performing sales team? Then you are in the right place.
Today I’m going to show you the 7 action items that I always build into a sales process to produce high performing sales teams with impressive sales growth.
To make this super easy for you we have created an easy to use workbook to guide you through the thinking and planning process for each of the 7 steps.

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15 Practical Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Presentation

Once you have crafted the materials for your presentation, it time to start reviewing and practicing so you are comfortable and ready to engage your audience and leave them with a memorable, positive impression.

TIP: If you need help building the content for your presentation, you can download our free easy to use tool: Your 5 Step Guide to Plan a Great PowerPoint Presentation

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Understanding Your Target Audience

Before you start planning the material for any presentation, it is important to learn how to easily and effectively define your Target Audience and the goal of the presentation.

This will ensure that you are creating compelling material that your audience, ones that can relate to or are interested in and therefore make you memorable.

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How to Convert Web Browsers into Customers by Understanding Trust Points

Customers buy from people they trust – it’s a key step in every sales cycle.

So how do you build trust, and make sure your customers are comfortable making a purchase on your website where there is little human interaction?

If your site visitors have any doubts about how trustworthy you are, they won’t stick around and will likely never come back.

Use our easy to use question and answer checklist to help you review the 7 key areas important to build trust:

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The 7 Questions to Ask When Collecting Customer Testimonials

Storytelling is a powerful communication tool, which means that collecting stories and telling the story of your brand needs to be an ongoing process.

One of the best ways to grow your business story beyond the core content you have developed is by adding new compelling content from the perspective of your customers and your employees.

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Using Storytelling to Build your Customer Base

A well-crafted story is a very powerful communication tool for your business that has multiple applications, and one which you cannot afford to overlook.

If you are a solopreneur business owner or a large corporation, defining your company story set to build your is an essential exercise.

Stories showcase and define who you are and what you do in the most compelling and honest way possible engaging both your existing and potential clients.

If used well business storytelling can become a corner stone of success across all aspects of your business, making a positive difference to both clients and employees alike.

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Coach a Winning Sales Team: The 7 Critical Steps

Coaching your Sales Team will lead them to success, optimize performance. There is a big difference between managing a team and coaching a team.

Management includes the day to day tasks and working with the team as a whole.

Coaching moves you into working one on one with each team member to build their skill set and work on their performance and requires a skill set that is very different to overall team management.

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Understanding & Using Your Sales Pipeline for Impressive Sales Growth

A sales pipeline is a structured, documented step by step overview of the sales process.

It allows a sales rep to:

1. Systematically move a client through each stage of your pipeline based on pre-determined actions
2. Fully understand where each of their clients sits in the buying process

The sales process will differ from company to company and should be unique to your typical buyers’ journey from first contact to closed sale.

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Lean Web Canvas Course

The Lean Web CanvasThe Lean Web CanvasWhy Every Website Needs a Lean Web Canvas Through the Lean Web Canvas Course we share techniques that we have developed over the past 18 years to clarify questions and help clients understand the intricacies of designing and...

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Why Every Website Needs a Lean Web Canvas

Through the Lean Web Canvas Course we share techniques that we have developed over the past 18 years to clarify questions and help clients understand the intricacies of designing and build websites that deliver on their business goals.

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Key Metrics: Deciding What to Measure and Goal Setting

Which website statistics can you review to help you understand if changes made to your website are helping you reach your goal?
Your Key Metrics should focus on statistics that demonstrate your level of success or failure in achieving the goal you are aiming to accomplish.

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19 Ways to Improve your Website ROI

Growing your business is a benefit of making customers happy and your Lean Web Canvas will keep you focused on that end goal.
Once you have completed your Lean Web Canvas you can start putting it to work to help grow your business.

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