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Tools & Tips for Improved Online Results

Together as course creators and instructors at Lean Web Tools, we work hard to make it easy for you, as students, to succeed in business.

Our courses are carefully designed with the busy business owner and business professional in mind — we take you step-by-step through each lecture and include insightful, fillable worksheets and materials to help you easily navigate the course.

We are all about a simple one-page business plan approach to the web – whether you’re redesigning your website, developing a digital marketing plan, strategizing about a new social media campaign, or creating high-converting content and landing pages – our focus is on helping you achieve the positive results you are looking for.

We help you step back and see you’re online approach to business through fresh eyes, clutter-free.

All our courses are risk-free, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We look forward to working with you on your journey to online success!

Meriel Bradley

Meriel Bradley

Business Strategist, Customer Happiness Evangelist, Sales & Marketing Guru

I am always excited to be a part of the world of teaching and mentoring.

I began my career in the television industry, producing and hosting shows for HGTV and Discovery. I transitioned into the corporate world of Sales and Marketing where I co-founded Lean Web Tools and have since helped hundreds of businesses build, launch and market customer-focused websites and e-commerce solutions.

Working alongside business leaders, creative and technical teams, I’ve spent my career in media developing customer-focused storytelling, business development and sales & marketing programs. I’ve trained hundreds of students and business professionals through thoughtful programs focused on people-centered results, and an ongoing, proven track record of business revenue growth.

Originally from the UK, I’ve had the pleasure to also live and work in the USA, Germany, and Spain and now live and work in Canada.

We’ve loaded our courses with video lectures, insights, examples, articles, downloads and fillable worksheets to help rapidly progress on your journey to success.

Bill Rasmussen

Bill Rasmussen

Web Technology & Online Business Innovation Expert

I’m an innovator and builder of user-centric, web-based business solutions and have spent the last 18 years planning, designing and coding hundreds of websites and web applications for small, medium and large businesses of all kinds, throughout North America.

At Lean Web Tools, our goal is to support business development, innovation and entrepreneurial growth through community outreach and personal skill development.

We are thrilled to share the techniques, tools and planning methods we’ve developed over the past two decades through our Lean Web Tools course – tools and techniques we use with clients every day as we design, build and manage customer-focused websites that deliver on business goals.

Sam Rasmussen

Sam Rasmussen

Graphic and Web Designer, Motion Graphics Specialist & Video Editor

I eat, sleep and breathe the world of digital design, with a mission to create without limits, striving to uncover lasting, meaningful connections between businesses and their audience.

I believe that design should be honest and original, and I love building websites that make visitors stop and think as I work to push a brand forward.

As a partner in Lean Web Tools, I work creatively to make your experience and progress as a student easy and enjoyable as possible.