Solutions: Showcasing Your Products and Services in 3 Seconds or Less

It’s all about the problem you’re solving.

Every visit to every web page works the same way – it triggers a series of accelerating countdowns … 3 – 2 – 1 …

  • “I’ve found something relevant, and I’ll stay”


  • “Click, I’m gone.”

Your target audience is online right now, searching for information about how to solve a specific problem – it is the reason she visits your website.

The Countdown Starts

Show, don’t tell.

Once she finds you, the first countdown starts — you have less than 3 seconds to convince her to stay.

  • “3 – 2 – 1. Stay or go …”

In that first 3 seconds, she will scan three significant features on the page.

At least one of those features must captivate her by showing her one simple thing:

  • You understand who she is AND the problem she is trying to solve.

Showing her that you understand her problem starts a second, shorter countdown.

  • “2 – 1. Stay or go …”

This countdown gives you another 2 seconds to show her that your product or service is designed specifically to solve her problem.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

A video presents 24 images per second –

Is every second of video worth 24,000 words?

Showing her that you know how to solve her problem starts another rapid countdown.

  • “1. Stay or go …”

You have 1 more second to show her that your product or services provides benefits that your competitors don’t offer.

At this point, you have her attention.

The Re-Scan Reprieve

Once you have your customer’s attention, she’ll rescan everything on the page that caught her eye and starts to dig deeper, but only if you continue to feed her relevant information. The moment you wander off topic, she’s gone.

So, keep it simple.

A short, relevant example is more powerful, sticky and compelling
than a long-winded, fact-filled, step-by-step explanation.

Focus everything on the page on providing a simple demonstration of how your product or service solves HER specific problem.

By focusing your posts, white papers and testimonials on the problem and how your product or service provides a solution, you present valuable, shareable information, build trust, and guide your customer further down the sales funnel.

A well-written product or service description doesn’t describe your product; it shows your customer:

  • You understand the problem she is trying to solve
  • Your product or service is designed specifically to solve the problem she is having
  • Your product or service offers benefits your competitors can’t match

Showcasing Your Products And Services

Three Key Elements

Answer the following 3 questions to start creating a description of your primary product or service.

  1. What is your product or service name – does it include one or more terms related to the problem it solves or the solution it provides? If not, why not?
  2. How would a member of your target audience describe the problem she is having, the reason she is searching for your product or service online?
  3. In 25 words or less, describe exactly how your product or service solves the problem – use an example from a real customer.

You can repeat this exercise for additional products and services, but for now, focus on the product or service that solves the biggest, most urgent problem your customer has.

Next Steps

Once completed, you can further enhance this basic description using checklists and tools included with our Udemy Course

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