5 Steps to Creating Great PowerPoint Presentations

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All compelling and engaging presentations start with a plan that includes the following:

  1. A clear objective
  2. An understanding of who the audience is
  3. A great opening
  4. A compelling story and structure
  5. A strong close 

Our 5 Step PowerPoint Presentation Planning Tool will help you work through each of these 5 steps to create a strong framework on which you can efficiently build your presentation.

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Use the notes below to help you work with each section of the tool.

1. A Clear Objective

A simple way to clearly define your objective is to ask:

Why am I making this presentation?

What do I want to achieve and what should the Audience take away or learn?

2. An Understanding of Who the Audience is

Defining and understanding who you will be talking to are essential if you want engagement.

Ask yourself why is the audience there to listen to you and what are they expecting from you?

How can you capture their interest?

3. A Great Opening

Your opening is probably the most important aspect of your presentation.

You need to engage your audience and capture their interest. If you can weave a compelling story or statement into the opening this will give you a great springboard into the body of your presentation.

Take the time to plan a strong opening that leads smoothly into your first point.

4. A Compelling Story Structure

Next, you will plan the main talking points for each slide. It’s important to remember to only have 1 main point per slide.

Simple is always best and make sure one slide easily flows into the next.

Again, it’s the story that makes your narrative compelling.

5. A Strong Close

 Your close is as important as your opening.

Make sure you leave a lasting impression with a clear final statement. Don’t leave your audience wondering if you have finished.

Include the next steps for your audience – tell them what you want them to do.

Now it’s your turn.

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