The Lean Web Canvas

The Lean Web Canvas

Why Every Website Needs a Lean Web Canvas

Through the Lean Web Canvas Course we share techniques that we have developed over the past 18 years to clarify questions and help clients understand the intricacies of designing and building websites that deliver on their business goals.

Target Audience: How to Define your Target Audience in 5 Simple Steps

Knowing who you are talking to for both your marketing efforts and website design is an important step.
If the Target Audience for your business is not clearly defined, you may be missing your most valuable group of potential clients, those most likely to buy from you.

Customer Needs: Fix, Satisfy, Provide – The 3 Basics of Defining Customer Needs

At its core, a customer need is a problem your product or service solves for a person, and therefore, the reason a customer will buy from you.
By focusing on the problem your customers are trying to solve, you can turn their pain points into sales.

Solutions: Showcasing Your Products and Services in 3 Seconds or Less

Your target audience is online right now, searching for information about how to solve a specific problem – it is the reason they visit your website.
When developing a website for any purpose, it is essential to keep in mind what we call the 3 Second Rule.

Unique Value Proposition: Writing a UVP to Set You Apart From the Competition

A UVP is a short statement that highlights how and why your product or service is better than those offered by your competition.
It’s a promise of value, and the primary reason a customer will choose your product or service over your competitor’s.

Call To Action: Building Your Call To Action to Encourage Clicks

Every page of your website should contain a CTA; a short statement and clear offer with a button that instructs the user to do something specific.
Acting on the prompt you provide turns a site visitor into a sales lead, new subscriber or buyer with an item in a shopping cart.

Trust: Simple Ways to Build Trust on Your Website and Trust Points

Trust strengthens the relationship between you, your company, your products and services, and your target audience. It is especially important online where most product research, selection, and sales take place with very little human interaction.

Deliverables: Your Promise to Your customer and Delivering on Your Deliverables

When a customer completes a CTA online, they expect immediate results. Your deliverables are what your customer has agreed to exchange their time, information or money for.
The more informed your customer is about the delivery process, the higher his level of trust.

Channels: Getting Your Target Audience to Your Website

Channels deliver your target audience to your website.
Which channels do you currently use? Are they the right ones? Are they bringing new customers to your product and service information?

Key Metrics: Deciding What to Measure and Goal Setting

Which website statistics can you review to help you understand if changes made to your website are helping you reach your goal?
Your Key Metrics should focus on statistics that demonstrate your level of success or failure in achieving the goal you are aiming to accomplish.

Website Costs: Understanding and Budgeting One Time and Recurring Costs

How much does your website really cost?
To measure your website’s value to your business and your return on investment, you need to track the cost of building and maintaining your website compared to the revenue your website generates for your business over time.

Revenue Opportunities: Identifying Revenue Opportunities For Your Website

When considering the design of your website, you will also likely be considering your options on how your website will generate revenue.
The differentiating factor of how you generate revenue is whether or not you will be earning direct revenue or indirect revenue.

19 Ways to Improve your Website ROI

Growing your business is a benefit of making customers happy and your Lean Web Canvas will keep you focused on that end goal.
Once you have completed your Lean Web Canvas you can start putting it to work to help grow your business.

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