19 Ways to Improve your Website ROI

Put Your Lean Web Canvas into Action and Grow your Business

Growing your business is a benefit of making customers happy and your Lean Web Canvas will keep you focused on that end goal.

Once you have completed your Lean Web Canvas you can easily incorporate it into your everyday business life and start putting it to work to help grow your business.

Please note: All of these suggested uses for the canvas work equally well for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small, medium and larger businesses.

19 Ways to improve website ROI with your Lean Web Canvas

  1. Post your completed LWC on the wall where everyone in the organization can:
    • See it
    • Ask questions about it
    • Suggest updates and revisions based on goals set and achieved
  2. Use it to make your meetings more effective and efficient with your:
    • Marketing Team or Specialists
    • Internal or External Sales Teams
    • Designers, Website Developers and Technical Team Members
    • Business partners

You can now:

  1. Delegate meeting goals to your team with confidence, knowing you are all on the same page, comparing apples to apples
  2. Bring your entire business team into the loop
  3. Establish easy to see, easy to understand objectives and deliverables
  4. Assess the effectiveness of your team by evaluating performance based on measurable objectives
  5. Increase your team’s rate of success through weekly reviews of goals set and achieved, using the LWC as a guide

As you review your website development and design, you can use it to: 

  1. Keep your developer on task
  2. Help your designer understand what you need
  3. Analyze your current website design
  4. Redesign your website with increased focus on your target audience business goals
  5. Use your LWC on a per product and service basis to assess and improve your product and information, supporting photos, explainer videos, trust points and other details

For Sales and Marketing, you can use it to:

  1. Share and review the results you aim to achieve
  2. Evaluate how to enhance and strengthen your website trust points
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of your social media use
  4. Review and improve content on your website, including posts, images, videos, white papers, case studies, testimonials, and more
  5. Increase the success of online contests and mailing list sign up forms
  6. Improve the focus of a product or service landing page on your website
  7. Gain a better understanding of your website’s performance using key metrics identified on your LWC

Be sure to review your Lean Web Canvas monthly to ensure it reflects the needs of your customers and the goals and your business.

Remember: Growing your business is a benefit of making customers happy.

As you can see, your Lean Web Canvas should be used in every meeting about your website to ensure conversations about content, business goals, design, costs and development, stay focused.

By using the canvas you can make sure you do NOT get distracted by anything that does not serve that purpose.